The Team

Gabor Vida


He is the founder of Vida Print. He has years of experience in commerce. He is supporting the team by putting a great effort in the details and creating a unique piece of art for everyone.

The Story

Since his teenage age, Gabor Vida’s dream was to work for himself and run his own business. When he arrived to the UK, he knew he will have a chance to make his dream come true. He was working hard to save money and finally, on 10th of April, 2017 he had the opportunity to start his own business. Unfortunately, his first business wasn’t as successful as he wished it to be. Luckily, he realised it in time and after seeing an other opportunity arising, he decided to change the profile of his business: on 14th of August, 2017, he started the Vida Print.

Vida Print

Vida Print is creating personalised, burned wooden pictures by using customers own photos. They use a very new computerised machine, which allows them to create beautiful, realistic, professional pictures just in a few hours!

Compared to the laser engraving machines, our machine is able to make a halftone for an image. The laser draws either a black dot or not draws a dot at all. All artist knows that the a truly realistic portrait is achieved by the shadows on the face. Shadows make objects more realistic and “alive”. The human brain is mainly recognises the person in the image due to the drawn shadows on the face. The laser engraving machine creates the shadow by decreasing the density of black dots. It means that instead of drawing 5 grey dots, it only draws 2 black dots and misses 3 dots. Contrary to this, the machine that we use is creating halftones, just like a real artist!