Top 10 Christmas gift ideas in 2018 – If you are fed up with the shampoo sets

Another year, another Christmas and the same old problem is coming up again: what to buy as a gift?

Everyone would like to surprise their loved ones but most of us don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds per person (unless if they can afford it). As for the low budget gifts, the choices are normally the same from year to year: shampoo sets, shirts, parfumes, jumpers, gift cards, toy cars and baby dolls. Does it seem familiar?

If you would like to gift something unique, something different from what you’ve gave last year, then it usually means that you will end up paying horrendous amounts of money by the time you get to the end of the family and friends list.

But is there any middle way?? Let’s see what we can find!

10: Engraved pocket watch: uncle

Not just for uncles! You can get this stylish pocket watch for basically anyone: fiancé, grandfather, stepdad, brother, grandson, etc and for any occassion. Let it be graduation, birthday or Christmas, this lovely watch can be a perfect present! What’s the best in it? You can fully personalise it by getting a short personal message engraved on it (approximately 50 characters). It comes in a decorative presentation box, so you will only need to choose the lucky one who will receive it. Delivery time is only between 4-7 days and the price is as little as £37.99

Get yours here: Engraved pocket watch: uncle

9: Illustrated Childs Phonetic Name Frame

This is only one of the 9 amazing hand illustrated name frames you can choose from. It takes hours and hours of work to create them, which by looking at the results of it, worths every pennies. Due to the well detailed illustrations both children and adults can enjoy this stunning art. This can not only be a beautiful present, but also can be a decorative piece of a childs bedroom. You can get up to 12 letters written on it and the website can guarantee that no two letters will have the same illustration in any names. It has a really good size as well with its 49cm x 21cm x 2.5cm dimensions. For just £39.99 only on this page.

Get yours here: Illustrated Childs Phonetic Name Frame: STANDARD

8: Engraved Cufflinks 2 Tone Silver and Gold

If you would like to gift something elegant, something personal, and something that is personalised, this is one of the best gift you can possibly buy for him at a very reasonable price. You can choose from 3 beautiful styles: gold, silver and 2 tone silver and gold and it’s perfect for any age, from young to elder. Get the initials of the recipient engraved on it to make it even more outstanding.

Order it today by clicking here for only £17.45

7: Home is where Mum is Tealight Holder

Is there any more true and more beautiful say than this: Home is where Mum is? It already warms your heart when you just read it, as it reminds you of one of the most important and most loved person in your life. This simple product can really bring happiness to Your mum at any time, especially at Christmas. This uniquely designed, personalised tea light has a rainbow effect which really stands out when lit.

Hurry up and order this special gift now for only £22.45 here.

6: Personalised Rocket Ship Wall Clock

Which little boy hasn’t thought about becoming a firefighter, pirate, or an astronaut? Going up above the clouds in a rocket ship, discovering the there anything more exciting then this at a certain age?? Bring your little boy this experience even more close and order this colourful personalised wall clock. You can get his name printed on it, to make this already amazing clock even more special. Is he interested in something else? Or are you looking for a gift for a young lady? On this website you can choose from 18 different styles for boys and girls. And even more styles are coming soon! Only for a surprising price of £29.99

5: Princess Castle Door Plaque

Every little girls biggest dream is to live in a gorgeous castle. (This dream usually never vanishes as the years are passing by, only some details are changing..) Why not make her feel special and get this pretty princess castle door plaque for the little princess of your life? This decorative item can also be personalised (just like pretty much everything on this page) : get her name printed on it to make her princess castle even more unique. Did you know? You can find a matching wall clock with every single door plaque! Isn’t it super? Not to mention, it only costs £12.99.

Get it from here: Princess Castle Door Plaque

4: Our First Christmas Bauble: Snowman

There is not much more special and exciting thing then your first Christmas with your other half. Everyone’s trying their best to get the most out of it and make it as memorable as possible. So why not get a gift, which not just a beautiful present but it also helps you remember for your very first Christmas together, like if it was not long ago? This heartmelting gift idea is a unique keepsake decoration, which you can show your children and grandchildren year by year. This acrylic christmas star is engraved with “Our First Christmas” and two snowflakes in the top arc and a cute snowman in the middle with the couples surname (or even first names) at the bottom. Only for £9.99..can it get any better?

Check it out now!

3: Engraved Wine Glass: Worlds Best Dad

Parents are trying their best to give everything they can to their children and make them as happy as possible. So, which Daddy wouldn’t be happy to receive such a lovely present from their children? This special gift can be a perfect idea for your dad if he enjoys a glass of wine and even if he doesn’t. It is designed with attractive graphics rather than just text, engraved by computerised diamond cutting engraving machines and it comes in a satin lined presentation box, only for £22.99.

Buy here.

2: Personalised Best Mummy in the World Pillowcase

This is a simple, yet very meaningful present for your mum. You can not also get this lovely present for your mum, but for your dad, gran, grandad, to your partner, godparents and godchildren. They all have different designs and are all high quality super soft pillowcases, made out of luxury Egyptian cotton. What brought it to the third place? It’s not only a heartmelting present, but also allows you to gift it to not just one of your close family members, but literally to all of them, at last but not least it has a super low price for just £9.99. What else do you need?

Click here to order it now!

personalized gift1: Burned wooden picture

If you would like to gift a truly one of a kind present to your loved ones, this is the gift you need to get for them! This website burns your own photos onto wood, using a very rare technique which is way more detailed then the regular laser engraver machines. This technique burns your pictures onto wood in a super realistic way and gives the picture a really special effect. It’s a perfect gift as you can get literally any types of pictures burned onto it, so you can fully personalise it, you can give it to any of your close or distant relatives and friends, it’s a beautiful decoration on the wall and it’s a great way to remember for the best memories in an outstanding way. Simply click on the link below, choose one of your favourite pictures and get it burned onto wood. I would highly recommend you to choose this idea for this Christmas: choose your favourite pictures, get them burned onto wood and get the stress off your shoulders. For a starting price of £29.99.

…aaaand, we got to the end of the Top 10 Christmas gift ideas in 2018. I hope you found it useful and it helped to give you some ideas to make this Christmas even more special!

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