Top Christmas Gifts for Kids – How Not to Give Boring Presents This Year?

Kids can be really easy to give gift to and can be really difficult as well. When they are little, they are literally happy for anything, because everything is new for them and they take every gift as a new thing to discover. Everything is exciting for them, until they grow older and their personality developes. Now, that’s where things get difficult.

Kids are genuine, they tell you if they really love something and believe me, they tell you if they don’t. And honestly, you don’t want to disappoint a kid with your Christmas present!

So here are the top Christmas Gifts you can get for kids, which can be perfect gifts for those little ones who are really close to you and for those who you barely know.

8.) Soft Cuddly Frog Baby Blanket

This cute little frog blanket is a perfect gift for both boys and girls. It is so adorable and soft that it can make every children smile. It’s made of 100% polyester, so it will surely keep your little one warm in these cold days, and when it’s rolled up, it can be a really good friend for them at the same time. It is really durable, so it will stand all the squeezing and all environmental conditions that a kid will put it through. It can be personalised with the child’s name or if you know it’s favourite pet’s name, you can get creative and simply get that name embroidered on the blanket. Either way, I’m sure no child would be disappointed when receiving such a lovely present.

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7.) Treasure Map Design Placemat and Coaster Set

I’m sure that once it was every little boy’s dream to become a pirate. They are so strong, they have a loads of exciting adventures and they always have a reward in the end of their adventures. Their life seems to be so exciting for the little explorers. Hence, it is a perfect Christmas gift for them, and also a helpful item for the parents. It is a very useful, yet very simple item, which can help you to make him stay at the table and eat. It is really easy to clean, as it just needs a wipe, and just like all other items on this website, this one can be personalised as well. On the placemat, you can get the child’s name printed and on the coaster you can get his initials printed, to make it an even more special and amazing gift for kids.

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6.) Personalised Powell Craft Rag Doll: Baby Girl

Which little girls didn’t have dolls at a young age? I don’t think there are many of them. Dolls have always been a great gift idea for girls, as they love to play with them. While playing, they already practise how to be responsible for someone: they feed her, they play with her, they give them a bath, tell them stories and sometimes put some extra make up on them…

These dolls are really special. They are individually handmade and can be personalised with the child’s first name.

If you want to surprise your little girl with this beautiful gift, click on this link and buy it today for only £21.99.

5.) Engraved Silver Plated Train Money Box

We all know how much the kids would love to grow up quickly and be adults. They think it is so much fun, as they can be free and do whatever they want – like if it was that easy…! You have to be responsible for so many things and unfortunately, you are not as free as you thought you would be. One of the best way to prepare your kids for the adult life is to give them a money box. You can teach them how to make money, how to save up money and how to spend it for those things that are necessary for him or he really wants them. So, why not buy him a money box, which is fun, more unique than the others and have some personal message engraved on it? This is not just a great gift, but a unique keepsake, only for £26.99.

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4.) Laser Engraved Dancing Beetles Wooden Music Box

Everyone loves music and so many people loves to dance as well. Especially the kids! That’s why this beautiful Dancing Beetles Music Box is such a great gift for them! It’s so much fun to see those cute beetles dancing around for the “Brother John” song, that it makes your little ones dance with them! Great way to entertain children, while a great keepsake as well, as it can be personalised! You can get the occasion (which is probably going to be Christmas), the date and the child’s name engraved on it. Isn’t it great?

For only £26.99, get it from here.

3.) Baby and Christening bracelets

All little girls like jewellery, the bigger and brighter, the better. Why would you buy the ones that are in the shops, ready to buy, when you can buy personalised ones? These Baby and Christening Bracelets are perfect gifts. You can choose from 6 different designs, and in each designs you can choose 2 from 5 different symbol blocks, which you would like to have on the bracelet. On top of all, you can have the childs name on it, up to a maximum of 8 letters. They have a very very reasonable price as well, as you can get it for only £39.99! The Silver they use is Sterling Silver including the clasp, silver alphabet and symbol blocks and the crystals are all Swarovski Crystal.

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2.) Personalised Rocket Ship Wall Clock

Which little boy hasn’t thought about becoming a firefighter, pirate, or an astronaut? Going up above the clouds in a rocket ship, discovering the there anything more exciting then this at a certain age?? Bring your little boy this experience even more close and order this colourful personalised wall clock. You can get his name printed on it, to make this already amazing clock even more special. Is he interested in something else? Or are you looking for a gift for a young lady? On this website you can choose from 18 different styles for boys and girls. And even more styles are coming soon! Only for a surprising price of £29.99

1.) Princess Castle Door Plaque

Every little girls biggest dream is to live in a gorgeous castle. (This dream usually never vanishes as the years are passing by, only some details are changing..) Why not make her feel special and get this pretty princess castle door plaque for the little princess of your life? This decorative item can also be personalised (just like pretty much everything on this page) : get her name printed on it to make her princess castle even more unique. Did you know? You can find a matching wall clock with every single door plaque! Isn’t it super? Not to mention, it only costs £12.99.

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